Sep 15th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 173 hrs Total Project

Page 9-3 and 9-4  



Page 9-3 steps 1-3 are nothing but the bending over of the closeout tabs. These tabs are make the side where the trim tab goes. The instructions make a big to-do about it and I suppose it could be an issue for some. My previous experience with the

Bearhawk helps when I get to steps like these. I spent a year bending aluminum and I am fairly proficient at it. In the video you will see my neighbors son (Harrison) come over and help. I enjoy when I am working on phases like this that are appropriate for a 7 year old to do. He helped run the rivet gun turned down low for the bending of the tabs. You might also notice a Lowes delivery van in the front street as well. Our cloths dryer had gone ka-puts and they were delivering the new one. The break in the video was my 30 minutes I had to spend inside installing the electrical cable for the dryer. 

When I returned I got to work on page 9-4. The first step is to mount the reinforcement plates to the spar and final drill the #30 holes. The instructions do not indicate this...but make sure you mark which ones go where before taking them off of the spar. Next was to open up the cable routing hole to 5/8 of an inch from 1/8 of an inch. This requires a step bit and some patience. Since I did not need to go the full length of the step bit, I did the taping off the bit and the correct diameter so the bit wouldn't progress past this. It works great!! Finally for the evening I attached the bottom skins to the spars with clecos.