Sep 11th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 171 hrs Total Project

Page 9-2  

Today was spent drilling the holes for steps 1-7 that I did not drill on the 6th. This included the #30 holes between the rib halves and the tip rib and tip counter balance. Also all of the #40 holes for the tip skin. I also noticed the tip assembly was not sitting flat on the table so before I did all the drilling on the tip assemblies, I took them completely apart and worked my way though getting the flutes in correctly.

It was frustrating to say the least. You would get one section to lay flat then another would bow up. I watched several videos on You Tube and finally found one that made some sense. What I basically learned to do was start on one end and hold it down with my fingers. Place the flute in the metal till it starts to pull up slightly off the table. At that point stop the flute then move down about an inch and a half and repeat. Afterwards they looked much better. One would lay 100%flat and the other was within about 1/32 of an inch. 


Unfortunately I did not take any pictures for this days work and the video camera turned off after a few seconds. You would have seen nothing but my frustration anyway!!