Sep 6th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 169 hrs Total Project

Page 9-2  

Now that the Horizontal stab is completed and all the parts for the fuselage have been put away into a home for the next several months it was time to begin the elevators. The first several steps consist of separating the various components and deburing. Well deburing is how everything starts it seems. And is deburing spelled with one r or two. i have seen it both ways before???????   

The basics of steps 1, 2, and 7 have you separate various components withe the band saw. These components then need to be cleaned up with the scotch bright wheel. And of course all the blue plastic needs to come off as well. UGH!!! After this the rib halves were joined together with clecos and I went ahead and marked them to make sure they stayed together. The one aspect that I did not complete for the day and you will see me talk about it the next blog entry was for the drilling. I did not match drill any holes as I did not want to charge up my air compressor. I knew I was going to have to go to work the next day so it was somewhat silly to fill it up and then have to drain it (I like leaving the tank drained when I am gone for a few days to dry out). I also spent a little time fluting the edges of the tip and counter balance ribs. The instructions say to flute if necessary and boy was it necessary. I also like seeing visual progress so I went ahead and clecoed these tip ribs together as well as the tip skin piece to both sides.