Oct 7th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 203 hrs Total Project

Page 9.10 steps 2-3 


Today was started with re-tagging all the parts from post priming. Then I cleaned up the workshop and got the priming table put away. I am using a VERY old fold out table to prime on that is probably 25 or more years old. It is practically indestructible but weights 60 pounds probably! After cleanup I began to put the counterbalance and tip rib halves together and rivet them with AN470 rivets. I also put one of the skin webs on as well. 


Oct 8th, 2017

.5 hrs Today/ 203:30 hrs Total Project

Page 9.10 step 3 


I only had a short period to work today before going to work. I was able to rivet the other skin to the tip rib. Nothing special just a bunch of AN426AD3-3.5 rivets. 

Oct 9th, 2017

2 hrs Today/ 205:30 hrs Total Project

Page 9.10 step 4 (plus mod) 


Today I was able to rivet the doubler plates to the forward spar to attach the hinge points to the horizontal stabilizer. I left the hole shown in the picture below open while riveting on the 2 outboard plates. This is because I drilled them out slightly larger and placed a #10-32 screw in the the hole with the corresponding washers and nuts to create the attach point for the bonding strap to electrically bond the elevators to the horizontal stabilizers. This is so the current path of static can get to the static wicks.